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Why You Should Choose a Licensed Moneylender

At some point, there are instances when you will find yourself cash strapped. Well, some of these situations can be fixed with much ease, but there are times when applying for a loan becomes an absolute must. A loan application process, especially if you are dealing with a bank, is not an easy process. Aside from getting a loan from significant financial instructions, you also need to think about the possibility of working with a loan

As it stands, most borrowers find moneylenders appealing, especially when they need to raise money fast. In a country like Singapore, the number of moneylenders is vast. Thus, if you are seriously looking for a credible source, go for a licensed moneylender. This write-up outlines several benefits you can get by working with a licensed moneylender.

Attractive Interest Rates

Licensed moneylenders are known for low interest rates. This is especially true when you compare them to unlicensed moneylenders. One of the main reasons why licensed lenders offer attractive interest rates is because they have to compete among themselves to attract borrowers. Besides low interest rates, loans from licensed lenders tend to be easy to manage, considering that most of them offer flexible repayment options.


When applying for a loan, you need to ensure that your personal and financial details are safe. Working with a licensed moneylender is the only way you can ensure that these details are protected. Working with an unlicensed moneylender will put you at risk of malicious attacks, considering that their operations are not regulated.

Easy Loan Application

Getting a loan from a licensed moneylender can be particularly easy. Most lenders have an online platform where you submit your application, and after some time, the lender will let you know about your request. You will also be furnished with other details on the loan terms, and you might be sure that the agreement will stay as it is until you repay up your entire loan.bundled money

Peace of Mind

Some unlicensed lenders are known to harass borrowers. With clear rules governing the actions of lenders and borrowers, you do not have to worry about the incidences of harassment. If a lender is reported of harassment, the government has the right to impose fines or even revoke their licenses. In light of this fact, borrowing from a licensed moneylender will give you some peace of mind.