Invest savings

Why We Should Invest

Many of us start life as employees of big or small companies. Do you set some money aside as savings? If not you should start today for the rainy day. After you have accumulated your cash, you should think of investments. It will not make a big difference when you have all your money in your bank account without it earning you profits or multiplying. So why do people invest?

To Achieve Financial Independence

Growing wealthFinancial independence is not about quitting your job or retiring early but having the freedom to do so. If you lost your job today, will you still run your life generally for the next six months? Financial independence is the ability to run your life normally without relying on a job. If you are financially independent, you should be able to live your life at your terms. To gauge your financial freedom, think of what will happen in the next months if you lost your job today.

Put Your Money to Work

Invest savingsIf you have mastered the art of saving, your money must be parked somewhere, either in your bank account, wallet or a secret drawer in your bedroom. It is okay that you have saved a lot of money but do you know that having it lie in your bank account does not benefit you? It is critical to utilize the money you have now to grow more for the future, and this is what investments do to your money. Multiply and grow it. Allow your money to work for you. Hiding it in your secret drawer is not good enough.

Beat Inflation

So what is inflation? It is the increase in the prices of goods and services over time; you will realize that you can buy fewer products and services with the same amount of money. Different states suffer different inflation rates, but it is there in all economies. If you keep your money in the bank, have it at the back of your mind that it is losing value year after year.


Retired grandpaAfter working in your youth, a time comes when you cannot work anymore. The employment laws have set the retirement years, and when that time comes, you should leave work and rest. If you have not been saving and worst not investing, your retirement years will be stressful. Employees are encouraged to invest in their youth for a happy and peaceful retirement.…

singapore mall

Areas to Invest in Singapore

Singapore may not be big, but it has unique neighborhoods which you can invest in. MRT is one of the modes of transportation used in Singapore. Most of the islands in Singapore have access to the MRT. It is expensive to drive in Singapore; thus if you plan to invest in Singapore, then you should aim for areas which are close to MRT.


central Just like the name suggests, central is home to Singapore’s downtown. The real estate in this area is the most expensive in the entire country. The central area consists of little India, Marina Bay, China town, and Singapore’s central district.

It is also near the Orchard district. Most of the developers do not want to give up their real estate in the central area. For this reason, you will only get the property on a leasehold basis. You will get freehold property near Orchard than in the central business district. Most of the condominiums near the central business district are on leasehold.


Woodlands is located in the northern part of the island. The area is fast becoming a favorite investment property for middle-class locals. The area borders Singapore Strait which separates Singapore from Malaysia.

The area has some of the most defined parks. The northern parts of Singapore have many parks since it does not have a lot of high-rise buildings. If you love nature, then this is the place to choose. Also, you will also get the property at lower prices.


Serangoon is a district in the northeastern part of the city. The area is in a convenient location and is right between change airport and downtown. There are also several shopping malls near Sengaroon.

However, you have to be prepared to part with huge sums of money. The reason is that the cost of property in this area is expensive. You can quickly get to downtown when you are in Serangoon district.

Sentosa cove properties

singapore excitesThe Sentosa cove properties are surrounded by the sea. It is a reserve for the ultra-rich individuals. Most of the homes that you will get here have their swimming pools. The price of the property varies depending on the amenities.

Before buying property in Sentosa cove make sure that you check the occupancy rates. Most of the properties are sparsely occupied. It is advisable that you buy the property that is in a place with low vacancy rates. Watch the video below for more insights on where to invest in Singapore: